Why Network Cabling Contractor Choose Cat6 with Plenum & Riser Jackets?

The Ethernet data cable comes with an outer layer of protection known as a jacket, which protects the wires inside. The jacket comes in a range of colors and styles to meet your requirements. It is the National Fire Protection Agency that founded the National Electric Code (NEC). The NEC is 600 pages in size and could be quite complex. It is the source for every jacket style.

The jacket’s exterior composition is not a factor in the quality of the cable, whether it’s Cat5e or something else within the cable. No matter whether you’re discussing Ethernet cables or TV cable, the truth is that they’re the same. The outer jacket isn’t relevant. Before we dive into the Ethernet cables you’ll likely find for sale and how you can make use of them. Let’s examine what Ethernet information cable will you likely come across available for purchase. The following terms should be familiar to you.

  • The abbreviations HVAC (heating venting, heating, as well as air conditioning) refer to the words heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning.
  • Plenums are areas that are between floors that the HVAC system typically will fill. Even if a specific duct is in place an air gap is frequently utilized to circulate air through.
  • The word “riser” refers to something which is vertical, generally within the walls, or in between floors.
  • The majority of cable jackets are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is the most common type of vinyl.

Network data cable manufacturers typically use jackets that are made of CM, CMP, CMR or CMX versions.

Plenum (CMP) Rated

Plenum-rated cables are also referred to in the industry as (CMP) cables. These cables are intended to be used in environments that have the circulation of air and air return. HVAC Plenums and airflow between ceilings are the two most common plenum locations. Rooftops are another popular spot for plenum cables. Plenum cable is a benefit of being able to endure higher temperatures. It may be on your roof during certain times of the year.

Cat6 copper Plenum Blue Cable is a great choice for the most fire-resistant standards which makes it suitable for locations with high traffic. It comes with an LSFRPVC jacket which creates less smoke and reduces flames from spreading. Within the Plenum of a commercial building, the HVAC system was put in place. It could be schools, offices or hotels, motels, and many more.

The Plenum is a possible area for cabling installation. While this may seem simple, however, it has its extra dangers of fire and risky smoke.

  • A Plenum area is a fantastic method to quickly move a blaze and its smoke from one part of the structure to another.
  • In the absence of a Plenum rating PVC cable can aid in spreading a fire. This can lead to extremely hazardous smoke leaking into common areas of living and work. It could result in anything from immediate death to lasting health issues.
  • The price of the Cat 6 Plenum cable is greater than non-Plenum cables. The installers aren’t the ones making the final decision. The local fire code, insurance regulations as well as client demands will determine whether Plenum is required.

Riser (CMR) Rated

It’s possible to make use of PVC cable that has a riser rating. Cables with the riser rating could be used to transport vertically between floors in walls. The resistance to fire is generally due to the Teflon coating that’s applied to the cable or the fiber strands that have been baked inside the outer jacket. The coating limits the ability of the cable to carry a flame. The gases and smoke that are produced when the cable ignites can be dangerous.

Riser-rated cables are the most used jacket type available, and it’s significantly more affordable.

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