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How to Do TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses?

Tiktok Marketing can be intimidating in the beginning. It is a whole new platform with its quirk filters and trends. But it is also a great help for small businesses to market their products to customers. Due to its popularity, it helps people discover your brand. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to follow people to show your videos to them. 

The app has a host page called “for you,” where your videos are featured if they are interesting. The “for you” page has a never-ending stream of content. It shows people what they want to see. According to branding agency London, it increases the likelihood of brands securing customers without visiting their profile. That’s why TikTok marketing for small businesses is huge right now.

Tiktok is an excellent way for brands to promote their business. Following are some of the TikTok marketing tips that will help you get featured.

8 Tips to TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses

1. Behind the scenes:

People enjoy looking at behind the scenes of businesses. One of the most popular types of videos that companies do is showing the inner working of their business. 

These TikToks reveal the real side of the brand and what goes inside. It allows the customer to see how their orders are packed. Such videos increase customer satisfaction. 

However, this doesn’t mean you get into detail with it. Just showing how you run your business gives a sentimental human touch to it.

2. Pack an order

People enjoy looking at packing and order videos. It is a fun way to show people how their order is packed. It allows you to show how much care you put into packing their demands as a small business. 

Pack order videos, allow your customer to know what to expect when the package arrives. It can be great to include freebies inside them like stickers, thank you notes, etc.

Most businesses get customers’ requests to pack their orders. 

3. Don’t promote your business like a commercial:

Tiktok is a new language that you need to learn to speak before you post. People on this app don’t want to look at commercials. They are there to get entertained with short, exciting clips. If you make a commercial, people will automatically swipe away. 

Tiktok marketing for small businesses isn’t hard, given that you have a specific goal in mind. You can increase your visibility and attract customers when you know your plan. 

4. Avoid being Subtle: 

Tiktoks mostly last up to a minute. That’s why you need to attract people within a short period. One of the TikTok marketing tips is to be direct. Don’t be subtle. Tell whatever you want to say without trying to make it hard. Don’t hope people subliminally pick up on the points. You need to obscure the facts clearly. 

You need to understand how the audience wants to listen to that point. One way is to make robust, concise, and direct opinions in the videos.

5. Be authentic: 

You should be honest with your customer. Believe it or not, one of the greatest TikTok marketing tips is realness. People what to see an unfiltered thing. They want to see the real and raw you. 

People find it interesting knowing what it is you do daily. Being authentic and approachable allows your business to attract customers.

6. Find quick facts:

People want to be entertained within a few seconds because of TikTok. A great way of TikTok marketing for small businesses is to find quick facts. People love to learn new things. Telling facts about your business is a great way to advertise it.

7. Get straight to the point: 

The most important of all the TikTok marketing tips is getting straight to the point. Suppose you are not quick in making your point People will swipe away immediately. You have only two seconds to grab the attention of the customers. So cut out additional information and say what you want to convey to the viewers. 

8. Follow trends: 

The algorithm is more likely to put your video on for you if it has a trending song in the background. It would be excellent to use trending songs surfacing around the platform in your TikToks. This way, your content can go viral. 

One of the significant advantages of TikTok marketing for small businesses is that you don’t need to come up with new ideas each time. Follow what everyone else is doing. However, this requires some scrolling on TikTok.

Listen to the trending sound or challenges and think about how you can apply them to your business. It is an excellent tactic because people will be looking for it due to the popularity of the sound or dance. And while looking, they can stumble upon your profile.


Tiktok has become one of the best apps for showcasing your business. Top brands and small businesses are also taking advantage of it. With these TikTok marketing tips, you can increase your business visibility. It would have taken thousands of dollars on your web development services for your brand and advertising it. But this app does it for free.

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