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6 Steps to Start Your Own Blog – Digital Marketing

Blogging a very familiar term and a great scope of growing. Blogging can provide a numerous way to earn and helps you to improve your skills. Anyone can start their own blog, the things which required the most is passion, interest, and dedication. According to some stats, there are approximately 2 million blogs are published every year, it means the competition is so high, and you must do your best to win the game in blogging. So, this blog will be all about the steps to start your own blog. Let’s get started-

Follow below-mentioned steps to start your own blog:

1. Find your interest

First, ask from yourself, why you want to start a blog. If you have interest in something or niche, you can easily put your thoughts into words. Understand your passion, because writing can be easy and fun if you are passionate about something. Find out, what kind of information you can share with your audience, what different you can provide them, and how you can connect with them. Because blogging is a way where you will connect with people through your content only, so that should be crisp, unique and different from already exist blog.

2. Check for the competition

After finding your interest, start searching for few topics you are thinking to write and check who are the top bloggers. Follow their blog, understand how you can draft your thoughts and make them different from others.

3. Select the platform

After checking the blogs of few bloggers now it’s time to choose whether you want to start on blogger, WordPress or wix or any other platform. Choose a platform on which you can work easily without much technical knowledge. There are a plenty of platforms available where you can start by watching YouTube videos on how to start with blogging or beginners blogging guide. Videos will help you to understand how you can make a blog easily.

4. Choose a domain

Now, how will showcase yourself in front of your audience, your Domain name will be your identity. So, if you have chosen a niche now, start finding a good domain name. Search on Google, check top bloggers domains, think little strategical and search on domain buying platforms like GoDaddy, Hostinger and many more available.

5. Select a theme

There are a plenty of themes available as you already finished with selecting a platform, it’s time to select a theme. Find some popular blog related theme, check its rating with customization options. You can customize your blog as you want, as it does not require much more coding skills, or don’t need any technical knowledge of designing and developing.

6. Make your blog live

After complete customization now it’s time to make your blog live. Live your blog and share it with your audience, friends, family.

7. Write your first post

So, everything is ready. Last thing which is left is writing a blog and publishing it. Check out the other blogs and understand the writing style first, understand heading, subheading and put your thoughts into words. Draft your first post, do all the basic SEO hygiene such as meta, image, interlinking, URL structure and publish it. So, you are ready with your own blog in just few simple steps.


Above-mentioned are the few simple steps that can helps you to start your own blog. If you are worries about that there is too much competition, how you will stand out so no worries, just start once. Failure is a part of successful life, and you can be a good blogger just by following your passion and dream.

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