How do we describe Social Media Influencers over 50?

Age should never be a factor when it comes to displaying your style. After all, there is nothing as an age limit for Social Media Influencers. When you’re in your 50s and beyond, your tastes may not be the same as those in your 20s and 30s, but that doesn’t mean your love of fashion has changed. You still enjoy having fun with your clothes, and it’s thrilling when you find the perfect piece that makes you feel the real you.

Despite what the fashion industry would have us believe, being over 50 does not mean saying goodbye to bright and entertaining designs. It’s never too late to try something new and daring. However, finding a style that you feel comfortable in and that works with your body can be challenging. These stylish women of the ’50s have taken over the blogging and Instagram worlds.

Top 15 Social Media Influencers over 50 years old to Follow

Marc Ryan Hashmito’s healing Functional Medicine Influencer

Marc Ryan is a qualified acupuncturist and herbalist who has dedicated his life to using functional medicine to assist individuals in recovering from Hashimoto’s Disease. He and his daughter are both affected by the disease, so his commitment to generating content about it is genuine and inspiring. He is 57 years old and has practised Chinese medicine for 18 years. Marc is also the author of “How to Heal Hashimoto’s” and “The Hashimoto’s Healing Diet,” published by Hay House.

Monica Cesarato – Venice Food Blogger

Monica Cesarato, a 50-year-old food and travel influencer, will take you on a delectable journey across Venice, Veneto, and Italy. About the Monica Cesarato blog, you’ll find information on the tasty cake and chocolate tours, delicious wine and food tastings, and current events like the region’s coronavirus. She’s a light of sunshine, and she’s now cooking and preparing new delicacies amid the lockdowns, ensuring that her following is kept uplifted.

Zippy Sandler is a travel and lifestyle influencer.

Based on her social media profile above, I’m sure Zippy Sandler, 66, is the most astonishing 66-year-old travel and lifestyle influencer you could hang out with. We couldn’t resist including her on our list of social media influencers over 50. She is passionate about encouraging others to enjoy life to the fullest. She’s been creating content and growing her impact around the #ChampaignLiving lifestyle since 2008. She’s also destroying the TikTok cosmos with amazing videos like how she “can steal your man” if she desires. Her content is a show-stopper for people of all ages.

Robin Horton– Home & Garden Tourism Influencer

After a few doses of Robin Horton via her Urban Gardens blog, I’m feeling ambitious. Robin is a 50-year-old home and garden influencer passionate about garden tourism, design, and travel. Robin has had several unusual life experiences, including leaping over a cliff in Utah and travelling across the Israeli-Jordan border. She’s someone you’d want to sit down with for a tea or coffee and hear all of her stories. Because Urban Gardens has a lot of clout on Facebook, this might be an excellent chance for businesses trying to tap into that demographic.

Haley Fox – Lifestyle Influencer – Hangin’ with Haley

Haley Fox is a 51-year-old actress. She is a mother, a chef, a wedding and event coordinator, and an interior designer. Haley’s children are also bloggers, making them one large family of dedicated content providers. With eight years of expertise in the game, Haley is a seasoned designer. She is a vibrant lifestyle blogger based in Las Vegas that uploads photos, videos, and blog entries about her personal life and family activities.

Viviana Zetazeta – Italian Lifestyle Blogger

She’s 50 years old and has been making material since 2015 – with her expanding social media following, Vivi has indeed built an influence that many people are interested in. Vivi is a lifestyle blogger from Italy. She enchants her followers with her clean and elegant aesthetic, which she applies to news, beauty, fashion, travel, home, and wellness.

Stephen Austin, Social Media Influencers

Stephen Austin! This 83-year-old Texas man has appeared on CNN and The Kelly Clarkson Show and is now a TikTok celebrity. While some strive to reinvent the wheel with their social media material, Old Man Steve keeps it simple with his Cooking with Old Man Steve series, including humour, magic tricks, life advice, and some essential recipes. Toast and jelly, quick oatmeal, and scrambled eggs are all options.

Alyson Walsh one of the Best Social Media Influencers

Alyson Walsh is an influencer who may appear to be a social media model, but she is a multi-talented woman who succeeds in various professions. She’s a published author, having written two books: Style Forever and Know Your Style.

Barry Moltz – Small Business Social Media Influencers

Barry Moltz is a small company specialist who specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in realizing their full potential. He develops information in marketing, sales, management, and finances.

Antionette Blake – Education & Podcasting Influencer

Antionette, who is 58 years old, is a lifestyle, education, training, and podcasting enthusiast passionate about educating others on how to leave a legacy through blogging or podcasting. She’s also a skilled public speaker.

Lori Shemek 

Lori Shemek, PhD. CNC is a nutrition, health, and weight loss expert. She’s also a motivational speaker and the Huffington Post’s Top Health Expert. Lori explains the health advantages of putting mustard powder on broccoli to her followers. She discusses recipes, inflammation, weight reduction, diet, optimal health, anti-ageing, fitness, and emotional balance on her site. Lori Shemek is a must-follow for any health fanatic, and brands interested in collaborating will profit from her expertise.

Augustus O.

Augustus O stays in Ohio. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, musician, platinum-selling writer, and producer who grew up with music in his blood. Augustus began a Livestream in 2020 to address racism, inequality, and many other concerns. He is presently touring part-time due to a severe illness.

Lee Holmes – Healthy Lifestyle Social Media Influencers

Our following reference to social media comes from Australia. Lee Holmes is one of the most influential people over 50. She’s a healthy lifestyle influencer who looks incredible for her age. Her health-conscious lifestyle must have a role — whatever it is, I’m going to dig through her social media to find out. Lee is the director of Supercharged Food and a nutritionist, wholefood chef, and yoga teacher.

Ted Tahquechi 

Ted is from Colorado, United States of America. He’s a legally blind travel influencer and photographer. He’s a massive fan of photography and travel, and he enjoys writing travel articles from the perspective of a blind traveller. Ted is a gifted photographer who made a name for himself in the video game industry before launching travel photography.

Sara LaFountain – Food & Lifestyle Social Media Influencers

Sara LaFountain, a family foodie and lifestyle influencer, will be there to support you. As a mother of five, I believe we can reasonably assume Sara has accumulated enough experience badges to assist the rest of us. She also runs a school meal program with gold stars and double heart eyes.


These men and women in their 50s show that it’s never too late to explore the internet and become great social media influencers. They’re all over the internet, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It remains a message for us; age never stops us from anything, we have the zeal to achieve something, and our social media influencers over 50 are the most genuine inspiration to that very saying.  

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