Is robotics engineering available in India?

Robotics is an engineering field with multiple disciplines.  It has many for opportunities engineers who want to enter the best organizations in India as well as in abroad. Robotics engineering plays a major part in manufacturing units, the medical sector, military needs, and the automotive sector. In the future robotics engineering sees a high amount of opportunities for many professionals. Robotics Engineering is an area of engineering that works with designing, building structures, and applications of robots and with computer manipulation and thorough processing. Robotic science enjoys an incredible amount of scope as a suitable career option. In this robots hold the most important positions in industries. They assist in carrying out the process of manufacturing in a quick manner and find enormous applications in the areas of nuclear science, sea exploration, bio-medical equipment designing, etc. A robotics engineer is responsible for taking care of all the aspects required in the creation of a robot such as designing a robot, robot maintenance, robot-testing, proper functioning of a robot, etc. Robotics play an important role and help in generating various ideas for IoT projects for which users can refer to the project bot.

Robotics as a field of engineering focuses on the design and manufacturing of robots. Robots are already programmed machines that are able to perform activities independently or semi-automatically for the benefit of the company. It works on designing, constructing, and programming psychological robots that help in solving issues in many industrial and operational sectors. Robotics has many disciplines relating to artificial intelligence with many chances of working for the best companies in India and around the globe. Users can get many IoT project ideas to incorporate with robotics from websites like Project Bot. 

Some of the best educational institutions for Robotics in India:

• Indian Institute of Technology or IIT. IIT has its branches in Kanpur, Kharagpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati, and many other places.
• National Institute of Technology or NIT, with branches in Durgapur, Rourkela, Silchar, Agartala, Kolkata, and many other places.
• Birla Institute of Technology or BIT, with branches in Pilani and Mesra.
• Vellore Institute of Technology or VIT, with its campus in Chennai.
• Indian Institute of Information Technology or IIIT, with its campus in Prayagraj.

Workings of a robotic engineer:

• They indulge in planning and developing tools, along with engines. They also work on creating machines and robots along with determining ideas for IoT projects.

• They help in developing, coordinating, or supervising elements involved in the process of product design manufacturing.
•They indulge in doing research into several robotic and mechanical technologies.
• They help in changing the movements of robots and automatic devices that are under the control of computers.
• They help in creating, testing, and assessing designs of robots.
• They take part in executing many IoT project ideas.

How can an individual be eligible for robotic engineering?

Most of the colleges in India require at least 50 percent average marks in Class XII. Some colleges require a minimum score of 60 percent. Before these colleges give admission to any candidates, a few universities and colleges may take an entrance exam at all levels.

Various Programs involved in Robotics Engineering:

Candidates have the choice of choosing any of the specializations that fit their interests: micro-robotics, microprocessors, and digital electronics. bio-cybernetics, signal processing, automation, robot manipulators, computer manufacturing systems, Artificial Intelligence, robot motion planning, management systems for air traffic, and computational geometry.

Recruiters who hire Robotic Engineers:

Robotics as a field is challenging and has many benefits in career opportunities. A Robotics engineer who has a proper degree from a good university can expect to have a placement pay of INR 10-15 LPA. Robotic engineers can be employed to program a broad range of applications, that includes space exploration, banking, entertainment, healthcare, and medicine. India has a high potential in robotics engineering. It provides a platform to many individuals to show their capabilities and turn out to be the best in this field. If users pursuing robotics engineering want to know more about the emerging ideas for IoT projects they can access the project bot and increase their knowledge to further enhance their skills.

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