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The world of web hosting is quite crowded, with thousands of companies offering various types of plans, and it may be challenging for beginners to navigate through it. I believe you should spend your money wisely and get Best web hosting in UAE – Milesweb’s WordPress Hosting quality hosting for a reasonable price rather than a seemingly low price that inevitably comes with poor service.

As with anything, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and you can’t afford to buy cheap stuff.

Most hosting companies have recently adopted the term “managed hosting,” seeing an opportunity in its growing popularity and rebranding their regular shared web hosting plans.

The price is not always the red flag. As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, so if you see a plan for $5/mo, you cannot bet it’s not managed web hosting in any meaningful sense always.

Here are the reasons to choose MilesWeb’s Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Improved website speed

Managed WordPress Hosting frequently includes servers that have been optimized for WordPress and fine-tuned for speed.

MilesWeb, the best-managed hosting provider, employs a cloud platform and custom-built caching systems to ensure that your website loads quickly.

MilesWeb also provides additional performance enhancements such as CDN or instant-scaling technology to ensure that your website remains responsive even during traffic spikes. The best providers offer load times of around 450 milliseconds; anything less than 2000 milliseconds is still quite acceptable.

2. More trustworthy website

Your site will automatically repair itself in case of service failure, giving you better uptime and fewer site crashes with MilesWeb.

MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime and will even give you a discount on all of the managed WordPress hosting plans.

The main difference is that as the number of visitors increases, uptime decreases. Page load times should remain constant as the number of active visitors grows. This is a significant difference between managed and unmanaged hosting, where errors are common in high-traffic situations.

3. WordPress experts are available to help

When everything is running smoothly, you don’t think about technical support, but once you install the first plugin that crashes your blog or breaks your theme, you’re in for a bumpy ride with regular shared hosting.

You’ve probably had the experience of needing technical assistance only to be passed back and forth between different people.

Furthermore, shared hosting typically has limited communication channels. You do not have to wait for hours on a chat or days for an email response from MilesWeb’s support staff. 

4. More secure website

You should always be concerned about security. WordPress is a widely used publishing platform, which makes it a popular target for all types of malicious attacks.

Although you can secure your WordPress blog on your own with MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting, nothing beats the security measures built right into the hosting platform.

MilesWeb, the best WordPress hosting service provider provides malware removal, so if your site is compromised, the support team can assist you in cleaning it up.

5. Backups and restores are performed automatically

Another security-related feature of MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting is automatic backups of your website and the ability to quickly restore your blog to its most recent operational state with a single click.

MilesWeb provides automatic backups that are stored on a separate server, and you can restore any of the backups from the previous 30 days with a single click.

6. Site administration is easy

Unlike most shared hosting providers that include cPanel, MilesWeb typically has a site management system that makes managing your web hosting account a breeze.

Everything is neatly organized in a single window, so you don’t have to switch between multiple windows with different services from different vendors and struggle with different configurations. You will have a single hub for all of your websites. This is especially true if you manage multiple websites for various projects.

A customized administration panel also provides quick access to development tools if required. It is possible that you will need to examine the error logs or manually flush the cache or managed databases.

7. one-click staging

When making changes to your website, always test them on the copy before publishing them on your production site. You can easily avoid the risk of a white screen of death this way, but most shared hosting providers simply do not provide a copy of your website where you can test new features.

Most managed WordPress hosting providers include a staging site with your plan, and setting up a development environment with a copy of your WordPress takes only a few minutes. Here, you can test changes in private before publishing them to the live website.

WordPress hosting plans by MilesWeb

Who is the best fit for purchasing managed WordPress hosting from MilesWeb?

  1. Bloggers and influencers
  2. Writers who are unable or unwilling to deal with technical issues
  3. Building websites for clients as a freelancer
  4. E-commerce websites require a dependable and quick platform for selling their products and services.
  5. Anyone who resells WordPress hosting under their own name

To sum it up

As you can see, there are numerous use cases where managed WordPress is an obvious choice. The popular app is adaptable and simple to tailor to your specific business requirements and goals. Even if you do not intend to monetize your project, MilesWeb’s managed WordPress plans can assist you in maintaining your WordPress website at ease.

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