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7 BEST Grammarly Alternatives in 2022 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Grammarly is a prominent and extensively used software program for checking grammar, spelling, and plagiarism. By preventing little errors like including a hyphen, comma, or capital letter, Grammarly Alternatives makes your writing faultless and simple. It also contains an AI-powered writing assistant that assists you in writing correctly with no errors and using short phrases at the appropriate times.

Not only that, but it also allows you to work uninterrupted on any platform and corrects you as you compose emails, tweets, and so on. The Grammarly Chrome plugin is a fantastic and lightweight tool for all of your writing requirements.

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Grammarly Overview

Grammarly’s biggest feature is that you don’t need to install any physical software on your device because its extension is powerful enough to meet all of your basic to advanced needs. It also offers a free edition to individuals who want to reap the benefits of semi-professional writing.


It includes a really attractive, clean, and easy interface that displays all of your latest papers, your profile, and the applications you’ve connected. The dashboard also allows you to undertake automated proofreading, which finds grammatical, spelling, and stylistic faults in your work.

Grammarly receives 55.50 million monthly views, with an average visit time of 2:05 minutes and a bounce rate of 51.18 percent, according to Similar Web.

Grammarly has quietly grown to 6.9 million daily users, according to, and its free Chrome extension has been downloaded 10 million times.

Furthermore, roughly 52 percent of traffic comes from direct search, indicating that people are enthusiastic about the product.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

#1) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a program for enhancing your writing and English abilities that includes an editing, plagiarism checking, grammar checker, and style editor. The program functions as a mentor or personal writing coach, ensuring that you are confident anytime you introduce yourself. It is one of the Best Grammarly Alternatives.

The best aspect is that it works across all platforms, including Google Docs. Fiction and non-fiction authors, bloggers and content writers, students, business writers, and others utilize ProWritingAid software.

  • In-depth reports for examining your work that comprise over 20 distinct sorts of analyses.
  • Improved connectivity with Microsoft Office, Google Chrome & Docs, Apache Open Office, Scrivener, and other applications.
  • Contextual Thesaurus report for swiftly exploring multiple wordings and offering synonyms for each word in your text.
  • Word explorer for quickly discovering the correct words from several dictionaries and extensive explanations.
  • Finding repeated words, context-sensitive style suggestions, and visualizing sentence lengths and variations are all made easier using manuscript editing software for grammar checking.

#2) Sapling

Sapling is a business-focused AI-powered Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant. Using a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of English sentences, it detects 60% more language quality flaws than existing spelling and grammar checkers.

It’s a browser plugin that works with all of your text-based online apps and business platforms, including Gmail, Salesforce Lightning, and Zendesk. Snippets and Autocomplete Everywhere help you write faster and more efficiently.

  • Grammar and spell-checking are among the best in the class.
  • – snippets Automate popular phrases and extend them using search and shortcut expansions to save time.
  • Autocomplete — comparable to Gmail autocomplete, but accessible through browser extensions across all web apps.
  • Models, mistakes, and custom dictionaries.
  • Only grammar checker with on-premise/self-hosted deployment options and a no-data-retention policy.
  • Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser extensions are available.
  • Outlook, Google Docs, and Google Slides extensions.
  • For rapid copy-editing, a pop-up is accessible to paste phrases.
  • Over time, it learns from your behaviours.
  • Configuration and control by a group.

#3) WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a completely integrated programme that is the state-of-the-art English writing tool for identifying faults while also increasing user experience and knowledge enhancement. It also analyses documents, detects faults, and provides the best feasible suggestions using Natural Language Processing with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and numerous algorithms.

  • It aids in the detection of faults and offers further details on each one.
  • The most recent software version has a revamped look, user experience testing, and dozens of content improvements.
  • It makes use of cutting-edge technology, such as Natural Language Processing Technology and Artificial Intelligence.
  • With a Grammar checker, Spell-checker, Style checker, Punctuation checker, and Translator, you may generate immaculate material.

#4) Ginger

Ginger software is an Israeli start-up that enhances written communication, strengthens English speaking abilities, and increases writing efficiency by utilising Natural Language Processing.

The software’s grammar checker and punctuation tools discover and repair grammar errors automatically, allowing you to write quicker and better. It also works on a variety of platforms, including mobile, desktop, and web applications.

  • With the aid of the Sentence Rewriter tool, you may produce original material and enhance it.
  • Emoji for expressing oneself, word prediction for speed when typing, and customised keyboard themes are all available.
  • A dictionary will ensure you never miss a word, a translator will ensure you never get stuck, and a personal trainer will help you develop your English abilities.
  • Available for all major browsers, including Windows, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Mac, and Android.
  • Grammar guidelines to guarantee that your work is correct, and proofreading to quickly check for errors.

#5) PaperRater

PaperRater is a web-based free Grammarly alternatives and spelling checker designed specifically for students to use while reviewing their papers.

It performs thorough grammatical checks that aid in the detection of naughty errors, and its proofreading system offers ideas for improving writing. In addition, the programme produces quick results in 5-15 seconds utilising Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

  • It also uses artificial intelligence to deliver cutting-edge grammatical checking for documents.
  • Plagiarism detection with an originality score that displays the percentage of your writing that is unique.
  • While writing, the vocabulary builder gives you with new words, phrases, explanations, and examples to help you enhance your English abilities.
  • An automated scoring method that gives you an approximate sense of how well your work will score.
  • Grammar and spelling checker, feedback and writing guidance, real-time and simple proofreading results

#6) Reverso

Reverso provides online translation and grammar check in 14 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.

Its online translator provides translations in several languages for words, phrases, idioms, and short texts. It also offers precise translations using cutting-edge technology to assist users in expanding their vocabulary.

  • Instant translations in many languages with context-specific examples.
  • With a guide to natural pronunciation for sentences, you can get accurate results.
  • The utility may be used without an Internet connection.
  • Reverse translations and search history are available.
  • Suggestions in real-time, Results are shared, and flashcards are used to remember terms.

#7) SentenceCheckup

SentenceCheckup is a free online grammar and spelling checker that does a thorough review of your papers in order to eliminate errors and enhance your writing. The programme not only detects grammatical errors, but it also evaluates the structure of your sentences to make your post simpler and more succinct.

This Grammarly Alternatives editor also searches your work for unsuitable terms and replaces them with the correct ones.

  • Online sentence checker that is both free and advanced.
  • Checks your article’s structure to make it more meaningful.
  • Grammar evaluates your sentences for flaws and errors.
  • Advanced algorithms are used to make mistake checking and correction easier.

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