Checklist To Develop An Ecommerce Website Don’t Miss it!

Did you know about Ecommerce website?

  • Ecommerce development stores with social media presence have 32% much more sale than those who don’t have. 
  • Amazon has estimated traffic of around 2.5million monthly on their website.

Do you what to be one of those websites?

Come with me, I will take you for a tour of our website where you will get to know the various checklist you will require for your website to be among the greatest.

Here are some of the tips for you to get your website right and get more customers to your website:

  • Technical Functions you need to be aware off in your website

Choose an attractive and catchy domain name and host: 

A beautiful domain is essential as it will help your customer remember easily and feel secure. A good host is also crucial as it will provide your customer more visibility about you.

Provide a lighting speed site: 

Providing a lightning speed Ecommerce website will the customer on your Ecommerce website. A slow website makes a customer angry, and he may leave your website and go to your competitor’s website.

Check your website logs: 

Checking your website logs frequently can help you find the bugs and errors in your website and help in not losing your customers.

Make your website highly secure: 

Providing a highly secure website is the need of time as   customers feel safe on certain websites and surf freely without worrying. There is a study which was conducted in 2003 which said that there was on an average 1 attack every 39 seconds, and now it is 2021. You can refer here 

  • Design for your home webpage: 

Create an attractive and catchy home web page: 

An attractive web page will retain the customer and make him feel secure of your business.

Use appealing photography on your website:  

Information is easily absorbed if the pictures are appealing to the customer.

Include business contracts on a first page:

Including the b2c web design business contract on the first page as it will make your customer much more secure of your legitimate business.

Keep all the company details on the home page: 

Keeping all the company details on the home page will help the customer to easily know about your business and history and know that it is a secure business.

Keep straightforward navigation: 

This will help your customers to directly go to your products instead of trailing around.

Keep the Top-selling and recommended products on the top: 

This will help your customer to see the Top-selling products in the market.

Keep a search bar and a language translator on the top: 

Keeping a search bar will easily help your customer to find his required product and language translator will help him to get to know the products in his language.

  • Design for the Product page: 

Show real-time stock availability: 

Showing real-time stock availability will help your customer in easily ordering the product.

Reduce cart Abandonment:

Keep your cart at the top and out of technical glitches. For example, customers buys the product and keep it in the cart and due to technical glitch, all the products vanish from the cart then the customer gets angry and may leave the site.

Show customer reviews and rating: 

Showing customer reviews and rating will help your customer get the best product.

Public all the included fees in the beginning:

Showing all the public fees in the beginning of the payment process will help in keeping transparency with your customer.

Provide Filters

Providing filters will help your customers sort the product according to their feasibility and budget and get the best product.

Provide multiple payment options: 

Not all of your customer will be able or willing to pay online so providing multiple payment options will make it easy for them to buy the product.

Use chatbots for 24/7 assistance (If required):

Providing chatbots will help you and your customers connected 24/7, and you will be able to provide best experience to your customer.

Provide multiple account option: 

Providing a multiple account option will help your customer create a new account if he forgets the earlier one. 

Provide a checkout option

Providing an easy checkout option will help your customer easily and securely checkout of the website.

Provide a feedback option: 

This will help your website adapt to the new customer demands by the feedback given by customer and be in the game.

  • Marketing maintenance

In Ecommerce website marketing is the most crucial thing for the business to thrive. Here are some tips with which you can market your business pretty well.

SEO and broken links:

 If you don’t consistently add SEO-driven (Search Engine optimization) content on your website you may lose traffic on your website which may affect your business and bring down your website in the Google ranks. You can also place a link through the post in social media to take potential leads to your page where they can buy your products.

Update your content

It isn’t just about the SEO but also the content of your site which is going to attract the customer. You can also post the content on social media for widely connecting with your customer. Update your social media handles and create a brand awareness of your business. Responding to your customers post and comments as soon as possible is equally important.

Use short, clear and logical URLs for all your pages:

Using short URLs for all pages will help improve user experience because its user website easier to navigate for your customers.

Final Thought: 

It is important that you perform a trail run and check whether your website is properly working. The above tips will certainly help you in making a great Ecommerce website. 

You can contact us for any professional help and any website issues. We have skilled as well as seasoned developers and provide customer driven service. We will give you the best solution for your site and assure that your site will be perfectly accomplished before being promoted.

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