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Know Black Friday Marketing Strategies for More Sales

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Black Friday itself, Cyber Monday or Black Week – there are deals after deals in local stores and in numerous online shops. It is therefore of great importance for retailers to use this high-sales day for themselves these days. But what is Black Friday Marketing anyway, and why is this day so relevant in eCommerce marketing?

What is Black Friday Marketing?

An integral part of the American calendar for several decades, but not an official holiday: Black Friday.

This day marks the Friday after the famous American holiday Thanksgiving and thus marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

Black Friday originated in Philadelphia, USA in 1961 and since then has attracted millions of Americans to gather in long lines in front of store doors to snag the best bargains.

But why are there discounts on Black Friday at all?

Unfortunately, there is no precise definition. However, many assume that this is because many retailers have the option on Black Friday to turn their possible red sales figures into black in order to increase their sales.

However, Black Friday marketing is used to discount the prices of products and services to encourage buy decision, says Techpally boss.

What works in the USA also works in other countries – at least that’s what the cult brand Apple thought and brought Black Friday to Germany for the first time in 2006.

 Lured by Apple’s success, more and more brands jumped on the bandwagon and also hosted exclusive Black Friday sales.

In the meantime, more and more companies in Europe are using this marketing strategy to increase their sales or bookings with special campaigns and to generate more sales.

Some of them even extend Black Friday to a weekend, a whole week or until so-called Cyber Monday, giving their customers the opportunity to get discounts on more than just one day.

How important is Black Friday in Marketing?

More and more customers are hunting for bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is why it is particularly important for companies to attract many buyers with numerous offers on these popular shopping days.

Black Friday is an important date of the year, especially in the e-commerce industry.

According to business ally magazine, only five percent of online shoppers are still unaware of Black Friday.

 So it’s just for companies with an online shop is of great importance to optimize, prepare and draw attention to it, because current figures show that the number of purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain high, because last year the turnover of German retailers was around 3 .1 billion euros.

If you add the sales of the whole weekend and Cyber Monday, you realize how important this period is for many companies and especially for e-commerce companies.

But beware! The term Black Friday is word protected in Europe! So you can’t just advertise with the term.

 Be sure to describe your action or use alternative terms that refer to Black Friday. For example, you could name your discount campaign “Cyber Week” or “Black Week”.

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